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Restaurants in McMinnville TN

McMinnville, a small town located in Warren County, has several locally owned and operated restaurants. There are also some fast-food chains, but of course, the locally owned eateries are what sets this small town apart. Gondola’s is an Italian restaurant that has been in McMinnville for years. The locals love their food so much that they have opened another location in another town called Cookeville. For all the Asian cuisine lovers, there are a couple of places to choose from such as Saki and Ming’s Buffet. Saki has some of the best sushi options in all of Middle Tennessee. Ming’s Buffet is a great option for those who are looking for a more affordable place. The rest of the local restaurants all serve Mexican food. Since there are numerous ones, the top favorites are La Cazona, Chabelitas, and Taqueria Albertos. All of these places serve authentic food made from the freshest ingredients.

There are also diners in McMinnville. Tammy’s Market has some of the best burgers and grilled items you have ever tasted. The Cumberland Biscuit Company serves classic breakfast with a Southern twist. They also have the fluffiest pancakes and biscuits you have ever seen! Fouch restaurant is the perfect place for families and children since there are options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If you want more of a bar-like setting, check out these options. MudBums Sports Grill is a great place to grab a beer or any other drink and enjoy bar food while you enjoy the game with your buddies. Smooth Rapids Outfitters is on the river, so not only is the food amazing, but also the view. They have a ton of options as well. Collins River BBQ & Café is the best BBQ restaurant in town.

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For those who are strictly interested in desserts and sweets, check out Topz Frozen Yogurt. Not only do they have frozen yogurt, but also a deli that has brick-oven pizzas and sandwiches. Kimmi’s Tea Room is a unique experience. They import their teas from England and serve the best sandwiches and desserts!

A great thing about these restaurants is that they are all close by and near many other things. You can enjoy shopping at the local boutiques or visit the best Labrador Breeder in McMinnville, TN, and then go and get some food, drinks, or desserts.